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DOC. Magazin #16

The DOC. is the faculty magazine of the design faculty of the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

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Redefined, Realigned, Reordered, Reset ... in english, at least felt, every second word begins with the prefix RE. For us as a DOC. Team, RE stands for a fresh start. A fresh start in a new building. A fresh start for design in Munich. A fresh start for us as students.

New beginnings are exciting, but also bring many uncertainties. Where are we going to end up? What happens after our studies? Will we find a job? Are we good enough? This ambivalence of a new beginning has us accompanied throughout the entire process of creating this issue of the DOC. magazine.

Where is this new beginning taking us? Unfortunately, we didnt find the answer. But the conversations with exciting interview partners, have raised many new questions.