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How to design

with technology

My bachelor thesis aims to provide designers with a process to work with new technologies. Designing for one technology allows us to create a range of products for many different users. It enables a strong focus on research leading to solutions.

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The process focuses on analyzing, mapping, and interpreting technology, but we don't forget the user. The megatrends of our society and our users' individual needs are essential factors during the development of use cases. With Gardner Hype Cycle, Technology Readiness Levels, Megatrend Map, Szenario Analysis, Lead Users, and many more tools, you can begin your process around new technology. The tools mentioned help to devise tangible applications and user groups.

To illustrate this process, I have developed a bottle that measures water consumption, an irrigation system that relies only on water and light, and a mobile guidance system. All artefacts are based on solar technology that recovers energy from artificial light.

The process resulted in three artifacts with completely separate user groups. The process enables solutions based on the same technology for different users, unlike a user-centered approach that deals with different technologies restricted to one user group. While user-centered approaches are essential for designers, this new process allows us to approach technology differently.