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IBM Quantum

During an IBM Quantum Hackathon at Parson The Newschool, we developed a novel approach to visualize the performance of quantum computers. We ended up being runner-ups in the overall competition.

One measurement on a quantum computer can either match the simulation or be a miss. By visualizing how many consecutive correct measurements, a quantum computer achieves, we show its performance. Using a real quantum computer, we measured the same quantum circuit 1024 times, creating our first dataset for visualization.

With said dataset, we created a grasshopper cluster that analyses the data and outputs several values to manipulate geometric with. Using this cluster, we could play around with several different geometries in Grasshopper.

Our overall goal in this project was to turn the theoretical and impalpable concept of quantum computing into something tangible. Using our Grasshopper cluster, we can automatically create a corresponding 3D model for printing. This model can be placed on a light table that uses light to show which quantum state has been measured at each point. All required code and files also get created automatically.